I was born in 1975, raised in Ohio and moved to New Port Richey, Florida in the summer of 1998. In the summer of 2012, I moved to northern California.

Though I've been writing since I was a child, I didn't become serious about turning my writing into a career until high school. When I graduated in 1993 I finally began submitting work to publishers. I received my first acceptance letter on June 7th, 2002 after nearly 200 rejection letters. That first acceptance was for a fantasy short story titled "Faerie Bloom". It was published in an issue of an e-zine called "Morbid Outlook". That was the first of 30+ short stories I have now had published. The 21st, an original Wendy Markland short story called "Remnants", was included in the paperback edition of "Predators or Prey?".

In addition to the short stories, I have also written several novels. My first three were self-published. In order, those are "Winter's Rite" (2005), "Well Wishes" (2006) and "Gauntlet" (2007). The first two are young adult fantasy. The third is action/adventure for a more adult audience. "Gauntlet" is basically a comic book written as a novel.

My fourth novel, "Predators or Prey?", the first Wendy Markland novel, was originally meant to be self-published as well. That changed when the opportunity to submit the project to Dark Castle Lords Publications came about. DCL not only picked up "Predators or Prey?". but the entire series it kicked off. The book had originally been meant as a stand-alone work, but that changed long before the project was ever submitted for publication. By the time the first book was published, it had gone from a stand-alone book to the first in what will be at least a 5-book-long series. "Predators or Prey?" was published as an e-book by Dark Castle Lords Publications in 2008 and as a paperback in 2010. Book 2, "Necromancer", was published by Dark Castle Lords Publications in 2009 as an e-book. Book 3 in the series, "Vindicated", was published in e-book format in 2011. Dark Castle Lords Publications has also picked up my three self-published novels. All three have been released as e-books under their label.

The published short stories and novels have led to film work for me, too. In 2007 I was contacted by California-based independent film director/producer James Tucker of James Tucker Productions, after he read one of my short stories, "Black-Eyed". At that time, the only screenwriting I had done was a 3-page-long short film titled "Grave Revelry". Based on those two projects, Mr. Tucker hired me to write two direct-to-DVD horror films for his company. Sadly, neither film has yet been made due to lack of funding and the current state of the economy. However, Mr. Tucker and I are working together on a film called "Most Likely Too", which I have written and will co-produce and which Mr. Tucker will direct and co-produce. The film will be shot locally.

I have also created a TV series called "MoonWraith" and am seeking a producer/distributor for that project.

Comic books, which are a long-time hobby of mine, is another area into which I've ventured. In 2011, I was hired to write a 3-issue superhero comic book miniseries called "Ultimate Boy". I am also in the process of getting four on-going comic book series of my own started up. The first is called "Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum", and is based on my Wendy Markland novels. Look for that project to launch soon from Timeless Comics. The second is called "Warder" and is a sword-and-sorcery style fantasy. The third is called "Ravenesque" and is urban fantasy, which Timeless Comics also plans to publish. The fourth is planned as a web-comic. It will be a comic book adaptation of "MoonWraith". The hope is that the web-comic will build interest in the TV series and help to attract a producer. If you're interested in more details on these comic book projects, please take a peek at the comic book page of this site.

As of May, 2013 I am also a writer for the website "Nuclear Winter Entertainment".

I am also looking for a good agent. If you're an agent and interested in representing my work, please let me hear from you. I need someone who is able to represent all aspects of my career-novels, TV/film and comic books.