Wendy Markland: Chronicles Nocturnum - An on-going horror series based upon my Wendy Markland novels.

U.K.-based artist James Smith is doing pencils, inks and colors. I am writing and lettering. This series has been picked up by Timeless Comics. Look for it soon!

Ravenesque - An on-going urban fantasy comic book series. The title character is a Gothic Sorceress. She uses her magick to deal with paranormal threats and mundane world problems while trying, and failing, to live a half-way normal life.

This series is also being picked up by Timeless Comics. However, it is still lacking an artist. If you are an artist, preferably willing to ink and color your own work, please let me hear from you.

Warder - The series follows the adventures of 19-year-old Kayley Enid. After paying a visit to an aged wizard by the name of Abenzio, in the hopes of talking him into accepting her as his apprentice, she is rejected by him. Seeking a way to change his mind, Kayley accidently unlocks the doorway to a nether dimension known as the Nought. Millions of Dark Faerie had been banished to the Nought centuries prior. Since then one wizard has stood guard over the doorway, protecting it, and ensuring that it does not open. This wizard is known as the Warder. Abenzio is the current Warder. As he lays dying, too injured by the escaping Dark Faerie to live, he passes his power and title on to Kayley Enid, marking her as the new Warder, leaving her to carry on in his place. Currently, there is a series bible and the first six issues of this on-going series written.

Dark Horse Comics is reviewing material for this project at the moment.

MoonWraith - This project is a web-comic adaptation of a TV series I am trying to sell. The series is set in Medieval Europe and follows the trials and adventures of a young woman named Kizzy Faw. Centuries prior, a wizard created a talisman known as the MoonWraith. Using it, he created a pack of werewolves to use as terror weapons. After he lost control of the pack, the werewolves' numbers grew and spread. Centuries later, historians have learned of the existence of the MoonWraith. The King has ordered a fort built atop the silver mine where the lost talisman is thought to be hidden. Miners work the mine, searching for the MoonWraith and excavating raw ore. Smiths work day and night to turn the ore into silver weapons. Soldiers use those weapons to protect the fort so the search can continue. This is the environment into which Kizzy is sent by the King. Kizzy is psychic and the King hopes she can use her gift of Sight to help locate the MoonWraith. The catch? Kizzy has lost her power.

This series is a collaborative effort by myself and paranormal author Desirée Lee. Desirée and I will be taking turns writing scripts. We will also be using 3D graphics software to create the artwork. Our hope is that this web-series's fan base will help catch the attention of a producer/distributor for the "MoonWraith" TV series. New panels are posted every Monday at http://www.MoonWraith.com.

Winter's Rite/Well Wishes Comic Book Adaptation - This project is based on my first two novels, "Winter's Rite" and "Well Wishes". There is a well-known comic book writer who has been interested in penning this project for several years now. As no contracts are in place, I'll not give out his name here. However we have no art team for this project. If you are a comic book artist doing pencils, inks or colors and would like to be involved in this project, please use the contact form on this site to let me know. If you are a publisher interested in learning more about this project, please contact me as well.

Ultimate Boy - A 3-issue miniseries. The project was created by comic book writer Johnny Newman. "Ultimate Boy" focuses on a teenage superhero named Bishop Rook Jr., A.K.A. Ultimate Boy, who has inherited special abilities from his father. Bishop now lives in the state of Florida, home to Miami and Tampa, two of the most dangerous cities in the United States, using his powers to fight crime.

"Ultimate Boy" is written. Artwork is underway. The project creator is still seeking a publisher for this project.